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Singer Songwriter

Robin Storm

Singer, writer and content creator

Wie is Robin Storm

Singer Songwriter uit Rotterdam...

Who is Robin Storm

Singer Songwriter from Rotterdam...

Robin Storm had just turned three when Dutch rock band Normaal gave a big gig on the meadow next to his home. After hearing their first song he climbed onto the picnic table and sung back on the top of his voice. Then he turned to his parents and with a fat grin on his face, he told them: “Nice song, ‘ey?” 

Robin Storm was born into a family with plenty of musicians and he grew up listening to many different music genres – pop, rock, folk, Latin, jazz and R&B. He started singing from the moment he could produce sounds. With a knack for learning instruments, he taught himself to play the piano and drums at an early age. In his teens he became a big fan of among others John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw and Ed Sheeran and taught himself to play the guitar.  

While studying Music Performance Arts Storm found that writing and singing songs is what’s closest to his heart. Over the years he created his own style. His music can be characterized as mostly R&B and folk with elements of Latin and jazz. 

Professional Carreer

In 2019 he moved back to Rotterdam, the city where he was born, to work with Mark Snijders from Lloyd Records on releasing an album. Duly Love is Storm’s first official release. It’s an easy listening pop song with Latin and jazz influences that brings a mixture of laid-back vibes and a groovy sing-along chorus to its listeners.

With several releases under my name and over 3,000,000 streams on Spotify, people are starting to notice me. That feels strange and unreal, but at the same time very humbling and cool! In recent years I have played at birthdays, weddings and festivals, at exhibitions and garden parties and in pubs and restaurants. Sometimes alone and sometimes with a pianist. 

Do you want to hear how that sounds?
Take a look at my YouTube account: Robin Storm YT

Duly Love by Robin Storm - cover art

Duly Love: 1st single

Duly Love is a positive and happy song about the first hot night of the season.

Imagine the first hot summer day of the season. You’ve been indoors for weeks on end, working hard on manifesting your dream life. There’s so much to do still, but the sun is calling. And you decide to take a break… You hit the streets, looking to party. Your head’s still busy contemplating all the work ahead, when your eyes catch this beautiful young woman. The way she looks. The way she moves. The tension is building. You know that you want her. But can you indulge in this hot summer love…  

Duly Love is an easy listening pop song with Latin and jazz influences; it’s a mix of laid-back vibes with sensual undertones and a groovy sing-along chorus. 

Text, music, singing and acoustic guitar: Robin Storm. You also hear Sven Bos (keyboard), Noah Jaora (bass guitar) and Thijmen Poirrié (electric guitar). Thanks to Mark Snijders (producer), Daan van Dreumel (remix producer & final edit) en Lloyd Records (publishing) you can now listen to Duly Love on your favourite streaming media service.